Modern Merchant Banking

We work with the owners and operators of private companies to raise capital and explore M&A on the best terms available anywhere in the market.

Situations where Belstone can help:


Growth Capital

  • We work with our partners to obtain growth capital on the very best terms and valuation available for a wide variety of business needs.
  • These needs can include the acquisition of competitors and development of new products, adding sales and management team members, buy-and-build strategies, and more.

Sale of the

Sale of the Company

  • We help our partners achieve outlier results in a sale by deploying our technology and expertise exclusively in total alignment together.
  • We have no retainers, no upfront costs, no long-term contracts, and no “cashing out” before you do.
  • We work to unlock transformative processes that reach beyond metrics to deliver highest value.


Personal Liquidity

  • We work with shareholders seeking to monetize a portion of their holdings and/or buy out other investors while still maintaining full control.
  • We analyze every possible capital source — senior debt, mezzanine, preferred equity, and more — to ensure we achieve the very best possible terms anywhere in the market.


Special Situations

  • In our partnership model, we add value everywhere we can, and this requires us to go beyond traditional ways of thinking about “the deal.”
  • If we can generate shareholder value for our partners we will pursue it; this includes outside the box thinking around analytics, technology, hiring, strategy, board-level decisions and more.
Our Experience

Our Experience

Our team has executed more than $10 billion in transaction volume across dozens of deals as both advisors and investors.

Selected companies we’ve worked with:

We pride ourselves on pursuing and achieving the best results for our partners.

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