True Partnership

Privately held companies are often courted by both investment banks and private equity firms marketing their services and/or capital.

Our merchant banking model offers the best of both worlds without any compromise, enabling us to pursue outsized value creation in true partnership.

No Upfront Retainer –we take the risk
100% AlignedEngagement Structure
Technology and data science‑led process
Experienced Transaction Professionals
Commitment to Post-Transaction Value Creation
Focused on MaximizingValue to Sellers
Focused on Finding Best Investor/Buyer in the World
Seeks to Grow Equity Value after Transaction Closes
Exclusively Makes MoneyWhen Sellers Do
No Upfront Retainer – we take the risk
Modern Technology

Modern Technology

Data science and machine learning are central to Belstone’s DNA and a foundational element in our pursuit of outlier results.

  • More than 1.1 million public documents converted to structured data with proprietary language processing software
  • 70 million+ private market data points available for real-time analytics
  • 10,000+ man-hours invested in proprietary internal software and deal processes
  • Intelligent tracking of deal distribution, outreach and negotiation dynamics
  • Evolving probabilistic deal value models